About Léa

Dedicated to Health and Beauty

"Many of my clients arrive stressed out or tired. It's so rewarding to see them relax during the session and leave more peaceful and rejuvenated. It's what I love about my job."

When Léa graduated as an esthetician and Valedictorian of her class, she realized a dream that began at 14 years old. Coming from a family of artists, she was always interested in beauty, art, fashion, and makeup. Eventually, that past-time developed into a passion for not only the artistic side of esthetics but also the health and well-being aspect as well.

Léa is fascinated by the WHY behind the treatments and brings her extensive expertise to every client interaction. She is dedicated to problem solving and finding real solutions for skincare treatments. Because the skincare industry is always changing, she uses her love of learning to ensure that she stays informed with the latest products and treatments.

Léa is proud to offer her services in her own home care salon. "I love that my clients can experience the perfect mixture of a private salon blended with the chic professional air of a spa facility." She seeks to create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere, conversational or peaceful, based on the client's needs.

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Specialized Knowledge

Léa is dedicated to delivering results. She can tell you the WHY behind certain skincare issues and commits to guide you in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Quick Response Time

If you have any questions about the services or scheduling, don't hesitate to ask. Léa prioritizes a fast response time and looks forward to hearing from you.

All Natural Products

Léa is devoted to beauty but also to health. Personalizing each treatment, she only uses quality, organic products, including essential oils, that will deliver radiant results.

I'm Here To Help. Reach Out With Any Questions.